Every pet owner knows the importance of feeding your cat and giving them water. We all take time to research the best types of food to give our cats, however, the place that we give them food is just as important. The right food and water bowl can help ensure safety, improved health benefits, and better cleanliness for all cats. Before tossing food into a standard bowl there are many things that every pet owner should consider. Here are some of the different types of food and water bowls and the benefits of each.

1) Food Bowls

The most often used food bowl for cats is the traditional plastic bowl. These bowls are typically very inexpensive and are sturdy. While they are a popular choice, it is not the most recommended type of bowl to get. Many cats have an allergy to plastic and when they are eating their food from a plastic bowl they end up licking the bowl. This can cause them to develop a rash on their skin. Another downside to this type of bowl is that plastic scratches easily. The small scratches in these bowls make them hard to clean and can cause a buildup of bacteria.

Pouring pet food into a bowl

Stainless steel bowls are one of the most recommended types of bowls for cat food. These bowls are sturdy, easy to clean and not breakable.

Another popular and vet approved cat bowl recommendation is the ceramic bowl. A ceramic bowl is easy to clean and is beneficial for your cat as long as it does not have a lead based glaze. These bowls, however, are breakable, so make sure they are in a secure location to prevent harm to your cat.

2) Automatic Feeders

One of the most frequently purchased types of cat bowls today is the automatic feeder. An automatic cat feeder is ideal for people who travel and work a lot and may not be home to feed their cats at the same time every day. Automatic feeders come in a wide range of options. Some feeders are more advanced and can see your cat needing food, while others just give out the same amount each day.

Pet Dry Food Storage Meal Feeder Dispenser or pet food dispenser on a white background

The more advanced automatic cat feeders allow owners to input information about the number of cats they have, the weight of each cat, and more. The feeder then uses this information to determine how much food to feed the cat. The feeder will allow your cat to get food different times during the day, but will not overfeed your cat in an effort to prevent obesity.

The more budget friendly automatic cat feeders are a great option for people who simply want convenience and reliability in an unpredictable world. These inexpensive automatic cat feeders will dispense the same amount of food each day to your cat based on your recommendation. It allows you to reduce the number of chores you have, while ensuring that your cat is well taken care of.

3) Water Bowls

There are many types of water bowls on the market today. The most important factor that a pet owner should consider when deciding on the type of water bowl to buy is the ability of the bowl to stay clean. Bacteria can grow very quickly in water. If the water is not kept clean or circulated each day it can cause a buildup of bacteria. This bacteria can cause severe health complications for your cat. It can also cause your cat to avoid drinking the water, which can lead to dehydration and even more health complications.

When choosing the perfect water bowl you need to decide between plastic, ceramic and stainless steel. Just like with food bowls, the best options are likely the ceramic and stainless steel options. Make sure your consider the size of the bowl before purchasing one. If you have more than one cat or live in warmer climates, you may need to invest in a larger bowl. If you have just one cat and live in moderate climates, you can likely purchase a standard water bowl.

One of the newest and top trending options for water bowls is the water fountain. Water fountains are a great option for cats because the sound and look of the water encourages drinking and can therefore, help keep your cat hydrated. They also work to circulate water throughout the day, which can prevent a buildup of bacteria from growing inside the bowl and in the water itself.

4) Water Fountains

If you are looking to buy a new water bowl for your cats, you should highly recommend getting a cat water fountain. Similar to choosing the perfect bowl, you should also take into consideration the different types of water fountains before you decide which one to buy.

pet Water Fountains photo
Photo by TheBetterDay

The most popular cat water fountains are the plastic and ceramic styles. The plastic ones are often much more affordable than the ceramic. The plastic water fountains allow for some bacteria to grow if they are scratched, but are very unlikely to break. This may be ideal if there are young children in the house who will want to play with it. The ceramic water fountains are the cleaner option, but can break more easily. If you are deciding to purchase a water fountain the choice is likely going to be a personal decision.

Deciding which type of food and water bowls is very important and should be something that all pet owners take their time to decide. Regardless of which option you find best for you and your cat, it is important to remember that all bowls need to be kept clean. They should be washed each day and refilled each day with clean water and clean food to ensure the optimal health of your cat. Clean food and water will promote eating and drinking and help give your pet the best shot at a long and healthy life. After deciding which types of cat food and water bowls are right for you, you can start looking at all the different colors and styles available.