Some breeds of cats may need to have their hair cut seasonally. Depending on the breed of cat you have and the length of their hair, pet owners may need to take extra care of their cat and ensure a more regimented grooming routine. If you are looking to save money and bond more with your cat or cats you may want to trim their hair at home. Here are some of the best cat clippers and blades.

1) oneisall Dog Clippers Low Noise

This clipper set features everything you would ever need to give your cat a hair cut. It features a cordless clipper that is easy to use and also very quiet. It features two different cutting speeds that you can change to fit your needs. It also features a long lasting and rechargeable batter that you can use for up to 150 minutes at a time. It includes an LCD indication to make trimming hair much easier.

2) lmarket Dog Hair Clippers

This beautifully designed package of cat hair clippers includes an electric clipper. This clipper is cordless so it can be used at home or when you travel. The cordless features gives you less to worry about when trimming your cat and will make your cat feel more comfortable. It has multiple blades that you can use to test the length of the hair you want your cat to have. It also features a rechargeable USB battery for easy charging.

3) Maxshop Dog Grooming Kit

This cat clipper features a rechargeable batter that you can use to electrically trim your cat’s hair. It features comb guides to help detangle the hair before it hits the clippers. You can use the comb in the brush to help reduce knots. This grooming kit is a great value because it also includes nail clippers to help you take care of all your cat’s grooming needs.

4) ENJOY PET Dog Clippers Cat Shaver

These clippers feature detachable blades to give your cat the exact length of hair they desire. This clipper helps to groom your cat and keep their skin looking great no matter the weather. It also includes a comb to help detangle hair before cutting it. Brushing and combing your cat before shaving them can help make the experience much more fun and less painful. These clippers and comb are specifically designed to help improve the overall grooming experience for your cat.

5) TURN RAISE Professional Dog Grooming Clippers

This clipper is one of the most simple clippers you can use. It features detachable ceramic blades that you can move on and off whenever you need to cut hair. These clippers are extremely quiet and can help keep your cat relaxed during a time that most think are scary. The clippers are rechargeable and can be used again and again. The ceramic blades and high quality materials make this clipper one of the strongest and most reliable cat clippers on the market today. You can wash these cat clippers to help make clean up easier.