All cat owners want the very best for their cats. We all do everything we can to ensure longevity and happiness for our pets, but sometimes we overlook the simple things in their lives. One of the most important thing to keep a cat, and all animals, healthy and happy is their diet. A cat’s food is crucial to helping the maintain a healthy weight and healthy lifestyle. If you are looking to change the food that your cat eats there are many factors that you should consider. Here are some of the main things you should look for in cat food before giving them to your beloved pet.

Wet Food vs. Dry Food

One of the main decisions that most pet owners need to consider when purchasing cat food is whether they want to get wet food or dry food. Typically, dry food is much less expensive and because of this most people choose to buy it. This is a great supplement to your cat’s diet, however, it should not be given exclusively to your cat.

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In the wild, cats generally get most of their water from the meat that they eat. Wet food often has a higher water percentage than dry food, making it more similar to a cat’s natural diet in the wild. When cats have food that contains water they are less likely to develop any urinary issues because they are consuming the water in their food naturally. Therefore, it is essential that cats be given wet food to help them stay hydrated, healthy and happy.

Is Grain Free Food Beneficial?

Many cat foods label their products as being grain free and better for cats. Feeding your cat food that is grain free is very beneficial for your cat because cats generally do not eat grains in their diet. In the wild, they have a very high protein and low carbohydrate diet. The food that we feed our cats should represent their natural diet so having grain free food is better for their overall health.

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Traditionally, most dry foods have higher grain content than wet foods. This is another reason why wet food should be given to your cat in addition to dry food. While most dry kibble has a high content of grain, you can find some that are low in carbohydrates. Try giving these to your cat to help reduce allergies and other health issues. When cats are exposed to grain in their diet they may often exhibit negative health issues like itchiness and loose stool. Many times cats can experience allergies and other sensitives when they are given grain in their diet. All pet owners should look for these symptoms, especially when they have kittens.

Limited Ingredients

Whenever you look at the ingredients in your cat food you should be looking to make sure you actually know what the ingredients are. Similar to human food, the less ingredients in the food, the better they are for your health. All pet owners should be focused on quality of ingredients rather than quantity.

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When there are limited ingredients in your cat food, they are often of higher quality. High quality ingredients that are natural and made from real products are much more likely to support your cat’s health and development. If you are looking to change your cat’s food try to find natural cat food that is made from five or fewer ingredients. Ensure that the food is high in protein and derived mainly from real animal. This will typically be better for your cat and they will enjoy it more. You may find that if you switch to a cat food that has limited, but high quality, ingredients you will waste less food on average because your cat will eat everything that they are given. These foods that are natural and high in protein can also help reduce obesity in cats and help them live longer lives.

Veterinary Designed Foods

Another important factor that all pet owners should consider when purchasing cat food is whether or not it is a veterinary designed and developed food. All cats are created differently and all cats have different health issues and needs. Some cat foods are designed to help treat specific health issues and reduce the symptoms of these issues. Oftentimes, these specialty cat foods are made with prescription ingredients to help ensure that your cat feels its best.

Some common issues that can be treated with specialty veterinarian recommended cat food are allergies, kidney disease, diabetes, skin and coat complications, urinary tract disease, obesity, gastrointestinal issues and orthopedic issues. When you take your cat to the veterinarian you can ask them if a specialty cat food is recommended to improve their overall health. For some pets with chronic conditions, this type of food may be given everyday for the life span of the cat. For others, they may only need this type of food occasionally when their is an outbreak or a issue that needs to be treated carefully.

Being a cat owner comes with a great deal of responsibility. One of your main jobs is to choose a cat food that is great for your cat. While there are many things that should be considered these four things should be a priority for all cat owners. All pet owners should be focused on finding a wet cat food that is grain free and limited in the number of ingredients it contains. If you cat has a specific dietary or health issue you should also consult your veterinarian to find a veterinarian recommended brand of cat food to support your cat’s overall health and well being.

If you want to do what is best for your cat, you should consider all of these issues. It is never too late to get your cat started on new food that can improve their bodily health and mental state. Try switching your cat food today if you are not happy with the health or happiness of your beloved best friend.