If you have ever walked down the aisles of a pet store, you have likely seen hundreds of different things that you can purchase for cats. One of the most popular and recommended things that all cats need are furniture. If you do not want cats climbing on and scratching your furniture, it is crucial that you get them their own. From scratching posts to cat trees and more, there are numerous furniture pieces for each cat owner to consider getting. Here are some of the main factors that you should consider before buying a piece of furniture for you furry friend.

Scratching Posts

One of the most important things that every cat needs is a scratching post. In the wild, cats would have a wide range of places to scratch their nails. However, domesticated cats do not have access to the outdoors and therefore, need a scratching post to keep their nails sharp and exercise their muscles. Scratching is a natural thing that all cats need to do. If cat owners do not provide a place for cats to scratch their nails, they will likely tear up everything in the home. Another reason why cats tend to scratch is because they are marking their territory. This is part of nature and even if there are no other cats around, they are going to feel the urge to do this.

Since all cat owners need to invest in a scratching post, it is important to know what to look for. When deciding what cat post to buy, you should look for one that is rigid and able to withstand the pressure of a cat scratching. Look for one with a rigid base or one that can be fixed to the wall. Make sure it is located in a place where your cat visits often so it will used. Even if you have invested in a cat post that lays on the floor, you should invest in one that sits upright as well. An upright scratching post resembles trees in nature and allows your cat to stretch and exercise their muscles. Also, look for one that has catnip already inside so that your cat is naturally drawn to it.

Cat Trees

Cat trees are another essential piece of furniture to keep in any home where there is a cat. A cat tree allows your cat or cats to have a place of their own in the home where they can rest, play, and exercise. A cat tree serves multiple purposes and will be one of the best investments you make for your cat. They give your cat a place where they can feel safe and happy and independent.

maine coon kitten in front of white background

When looking to purchase a cat tree, the saying “you get what you pay for” could not be more true. While you may find some cat trees with a great price tag, the quality is likely not the best. When you are looking to buy a cat tree you want to find one that your cats will love. Look for one that is made of real wood and not plastic or cardboard. A cat tree made of real wood, underneath the carpet, will help your cat feel more secure and this will promote climbing and playing. Also, look for a cat tree that has many different levels and play items. If your cat or cats like to hide, find a tree with a hiding spot. If your cat or cats, like to be up high, you should consider purchasing a taller tree. The type and size of tree you decide to purchase will often be representative of your cat’s personality.

Cat Hammocks

The idea of a cat hammock may seem a little silly, but this is a piece of furniture that will get a lot of use. On average, cats tend to sleep for about 14 hours a day. This means they will likely want and need a place to rest and relax for most of that time. If you want to give your cat a place of their own within your home you should highly consider investing in a cat hammock.

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There are several different types of cat hammocks on the market and you may need to purchase more than one to find out which one your cat enjoys the most. The most important part of any cat hammock is its safety features. You should find one that can easily support the weight of your cat. Look for one that is soft and able to hold your cats shape without dropping to the floor. If your cat is afraid of most things you may want to purchase a cat hammock that is held up by two stands. If your cat is a little more curious and ready to take risks you may want to get a cat hammock with four straps that you can attach to the wall. Try finding one that will fit your cat’s personality.

Cat Bed/ Cat Pad

Every cat should have a cat bed or a cat pad where they rest and sleep during any part of the day or night. If you get a cat bed you will give your cat or cats a single place to sleep, which can encourage routine. One ideal reason to get your cats to sleep in one place is to help control where the fur and hair stays.

Lovely red cat, soft focus.

If you are looking to get a cat bed, you should first look for one that is large enough to support your cat. You should also look for a bed that is soft and comfortable for your cat to relax and sleep in for hours. There are hundreds of different brands and models of cat beds available so it is important to look for one that will benefit your cat and your home. Some main things to consider are if the bed or pad is machine washable, if it has any self warming or heated features, if there are any toys attached to it, the different privacy features and more.