Many people may think that cats, especially indoor cats, do not need a collar because they are rarely let outside. This, however, is not true. All cats and dogs should have collars and ID tags on them at all times. This helps ensure the safety and security of your pet and can help pet owners find their pet if they ever escape or go missing. Whether you plan to walk your cat or just want them to be easily reunited with you in a devastating event, there are some things that you should consider.

If you have a cat, you should look into getting collars, ID tags and leashes. These things can help keep your cat safe and protected, but can also help your cat have more fun in life. Even if you have a domesticated cat, you can easily get a leash and collar and take them for a walk around the neighborhood. Here are some top things that you should consider before purchasing any of the above mentioned supplies.

1) Collars

A cat collar is the best way to help keep your pet safe from unexpected events. There are many different kinds of collars available and the one that you may choose to purchase should be based on personal preference.

American Polydactyl kitten sitting, isolated on white

One of the most popular types of collars is the breakaway collar. This collar resembles a traditional buckle, but it breaks free if it is pulled on tightly. This is ideal for cats with an adventurous spirit. If the collar gets tangled onto a branch or other permanent object, the collar will break free and not hurt your cat.

Another popular collar is the standard collar. This type of collar can be customized to show off your cat’s personality. You can decorate the collar with colors, gemstones, bells and more. They are often the cheapest collars on the market and are great for domestic cats.

Another great option for collars is the reflective collar. This can help keep your cat safe if they ever escape. Cats are known to be great hiders, especially at night. A reflective cat collar can help you find your cat in the dark and help increase the chances of you being reunited if they ever escape from your home. Similar to the reflective collar, the lighted collar can help you find your cat during day and night. The lighted collar is battery operated and can be worn for about a month before it needs to be recharged.

2) Harnesses

If you are looking to take your cat outside and walk them, you will likely need a cat harness. Cats can escape from small places whenever they feel the need. A cat harness is an ideal way to help keep them on a leash and prevent them from escaping when they get excited or scared.

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There are two main types of harnesses, including the lead harness and the vest harness. The lead harness is comprised of a few simple straps that go around your cat’s neck and front legs. This harness can help keep your cat secure using minimal materials. It will allow your cat to feel more free, without harming them.

The vest harness is another great option for all cats. This type of harness securely fits around your cat’s neck and upper body and resembles an actual vest. This harness allows your cat to feel more secure and may be the prefect option if your cat is not used to going outdoors.

No matter what type of harness you choose to purchase, remember to purchase one that will fit your cat snuggly. Cats can and will escape from anything they can if they have even just a little room. If you are unsure what size to buy talk to the company that manufactures the harness or with your vet because they will be able to give you a better recommendation.

3) Leashes

Since cats are master escape artists, it is not recommended that you place a leash on a cat’s collar. This is just asking for your cat to take off without you. As your cat adventures out into the world they will see things that they have never seen before. Whether they are chasing after a bird or running from a dog there are plenty of new stimuli that will make your cat both anxious and excited.

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To help ensure that your cat is safe, all cat owners should invest in cat leashes with a harness. Most cat leashes are sold as a set with a harness in order to provide maximum security for your loved cat.

When choosing the perfect leash for your cat, there are two main options. The first option is a standard leash. This leash is often made of nylon so it is durable and has the strength to hold your cat even if they are pulling hard. This leash comes in thousands of different colors and patterns. Try choosing one that fits both your and your cat’s style and personality.

Another type of leash, which is highly recommended, is the light up or reflective leash. If you plan on walking your cat in the early morning or at night, you should make sure that you are both well taken care of. Choosing a leash that lights up in the dark will help you and your cat stand out to all passersby.

No matter what type of leash you choose to purchase, remember to look into the size of the leash. If you are a taller person or want to give you cat more slack, try purchasing a longer leash or a retractable leash that gives your cat more space. If you are shorter or have a more anxious cat, get a shorter leash that will keep your cat close to you at all times. All leashes should have a simple buckle or clasp that attaches to the harness of a cat. Make sure the buckle attaches tightly and leaves no room for your cat to pull hard and escape.