There are many different varieties of cat brushes on the market. Each brush has its benefits and can help improve the overall appearance and feel of your cat’s hair. No matter which breed of cat you have or how long their hair is, you should always use a brush to help groom them. Brushing your cat’s hair on a regular basis can significantly improve the shine, softness, and feel of your cat’s hair. Here are some of the best cat brushes on the market today.

1) HATELI Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Cat & Dog

This cat brush features arc pins and rounded massage beads to help penetrate your cat’s hair and massage their skin. The bristles are made of stainless steel so it is a very durable and strong brush that can easily help untangle and remove mat from your cat’s hair. The design of this brush is proven to help increase blood flow and help prevent skin disease.

2) Hesiry Cat Brush Pet Soft Brush

This cat brush can help remove unwanted cat hair and dirt from your cat. It features a self cleaning button that allows you to remove the cat hair from the brush quickly and all in one place. This de shedding brush features stainless steel needles at a 120 degree angle to help remove the loose undercoat. The undercoat of your cat is one of the most difficult areas to reach, but this brush is angled specifically to do so because it is a slicker brush with angled pins.

3) nomoypet Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove with Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

This bundle package offers a cat brush and a glove brush for a very affordable price. The deshedding brush glove features smooth bristles that can remove cat hair easily just by petting your cat. The glove is an efficient and easy way to help groom your cat because it has a much larger surface area than a traditional brush. This helps you clean and brush all parts of a cat, like their face, that you cannot reach with a brush. It also includes a traditional style brush that can remove tangles and help smooth your cats hair.

4) Pet Craft Supply Self Cleaning Calming Slicker Pet Grooming Brush

This cat brush features an anti-slip handle for easy brushing. It features a button for self cleaning that allows you to remove all the brushed cat hair at one time. This helps prevent cat hair from getting all over your home. This brush also features stainless steel pins and a high quality handle to ensure durability and strength every time you brush.

5) Aumuca Cat Brush and Dog Brush

This brightly colored cat brush and comb are a great value for any cat owner. The brush and comb are ideal for long haired cats that shed a lot. The comb allows you to detangle all knots and mats from your cats hair. The brush helps massage the skin and remove dander, while making your cat look and feel great.